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Accessories Expert

It's the little things that matter... like what shoes go with which purse! Our Accessories Expert Kym helps with the details that make the difference.

Summer Lovin'

Hello fashion divas!

Welcome to the nicest season of the year! : ) Since the thermometer outside is jumping, I figured that now would be an excellent time to tell you about the hottest swim suits out there!

This year, the fashions mirror the fashions of last year, so don't bug your Mom to buy you a new bathing suit if you still have last years -- you will still be in style. The styles include halter tops with board shorts, tankinies with bikini bottoms, and regular bikinis.

If you are heavy on the bottom, try out some cute board shorts or a dress-like bathing suit. Many designers are now taking into account the fact that VERY few of us have model-perfect bodies. (Even models aren't perfect -- at least they get retouched!)

If you have a large bust, check out the halter tops with more support. Make sure that the cups are comfortable and won't cause any accident spillage, though!

If you want to hide your belly, try a tankini. These are definitely better than one pieces for your figure because they break up the line at your waist, making you seem slimmer. One piece bathing suits stretch over your less-than-defined area and cause it to look heavier.

When looking for a bathing suit, check out economy stores, like Bradlees or Kmart. They offer the same, more expensive styles at great prices. Their prices leave you free to buy a cute matching hat for some great sun protection.

Have fun looking great!

Your friend in fashion,


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