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Accessories Expert

It's the little things that matter... like what shoes go with which purse! Our Accessories Expert Kym helps with the details that make the difference.

Audience Question


Hey! I'm Roseanna and I have a fashion problem. Just in case this might be of use to you, I'm 14 and well, I'm searching for something. I'm searching for that "finished" look I see so many people get. When I say finished look, I mean where a person looks put together, everything in the right order, not too much jewelry, that perfect touch of makeup, a hint of body spray, not too little and not too much to the point where you could send a whole army of people running away in fear, just altogether, a great look. That's what I want to achieve, but for some reason I always tend to forget something.

I have pretty much of an athletic build. I want to be able to get this look without spending a huge amount of time doing it, because I'm not the type of person that likes to sit in front of a mirror forever trying to be prefect. So, at the same time of getting the finished look, I don't want to look like I'm trying to be a super model. Thank you for spending so much time reading my letter, and I hope you can answer my question!


Expert's Answer:

Being "put together" is an act in itself. Even when you think you have a definate style, it is sometimes hard to put on all the finishing touches to make it look perfect everyday. My tip for you -- set out your outfit the night before. Do the following:

1. Decide on a shirt and pants/shorts/skirt. If you are wearing a skirt, get out new stockings, or previously used ones that have been thouroughly checked for new runs. If you are wearing pants or shorts, make sure you get out socks that match your outfit.

2. Decide on shoes. Typically, shoes that match the pants look best. They create a polished look and make you look put together by creating a long line from waist to foot. Make sure shoes are polished or clean. Frequently throw canvas shoes in the washer to make them clean and fresh.

3. Get out your undergarments -- (please see my article Under WHERE? for information on choosing underthings.)

4. Get out make up for the next day. My tip? Have an everyday bag with coverup, foundation, mascara, and any other item you use everyday. Then, each night, add in makeup for the next day that involves color, like a certain eyeshadow or lipstick to compliment your attire.

5. Lay out your jewelry. Make sure it is in the same color family. Silver is HOT HOT HOT now, but sometimes gold can look classic. My advice? If you are wearing something in the brown or orange/red family, go for gold! Any other colors look great with silver.

All these tips will help you look polished without being overdone. You already have a style set in stone, now just some preparation and imagination is key. All this may sound like a lot, but in the end it will leave you feeling perfectly polished. And once you get in the hang of doing it everynight, your time invested will soon dwindle. Have fun planning.


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