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Bargain Expert

Money isn't everything... even when it comes to fashion! Our bargain-hunting queen Darbi is on the prowl to dress best for less.

Snowflakes, Fashion, and Fun!

Hey fashion divas! Welcome back to I hope you are enjoying your stay with us and come back soon! Today I would like to talk about the popular snowflake!

Snowflakes are so great! They are very fun shapes that add so much ro our winter wardrobes. Old Navy (my personal fav store) has a lot of clothing with snowflakes accenting them! I love them! They really put some zest into our winter look and get us right into the season! Also, pastels and bright colors are really hitting the scene! I love them too! They can be mixed and matched to create many inspiring ensembles for today's young woman!

Again, Old Navy brings us a lot of these pastels and I have noticed a lot of brights on the racks of Maurices. This is a great time of year for shopping too gals, with all the after-Christmas sales, but keep in mind that February and March are the months to stock up on winter wear! Those are the months when the Spring lines are getting center stage and all the left over winter wear is getting clearance rack fever! So pace yourself and have fun shopping!

Until next time, Keep Steppin' in Style!


Cast your fashion spell right into the new millennium beginning in January! Bundle up in those sweaters and keep yourselves cozy and cuddly for that special someone! Snowflakes are very cute this month and they certainly hit the spot for the snow season! Keep stylin' with the millennium colors right up till the end of this month! (Blue and Silver)

Classroom Cool is also in the forecast since many of us will be heading back to school following the celebration of the new year! Wear those new trendy threads that you got for Christmas and hit the books in style this year! Don't forget to compliment all your friends on their new outfits and gifts. And make this year the best one yet! Don't be afraid to get involved in new activities and meet new people!

For Your Info....
A special spring preview..... This spring polka dots are springing into the scene! Keep then low key and you are sure to be a hit! Stay tuned for more upcoming previews for the next season!

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