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Bargain Expert

Money isn't everything... even when it comes to fashion! Our bargain-hunting queen Darbi is on the prowl to dress best for less.

Fall Hit List

If you love fashion, then you are in the right spot! Here at we are all about fashion...its even built into our name! So jump aboard and enjoy the ride! We're gonna F-L-Y!!!!!!!

That's right! We are rapidly flying into cooler weather here in the states! (and other places throughout the fashionable world). It's time to clean out that closet! Get rid of all the old, completely outdated items that are sizzling faster than summer. This is the chance to make room for all the fall bargains that you are going to find! Because we all know that finding the room for the new threads is just as much as hassle as finding the good buys! (well, for those who aren't bargain huntresses, like us).

Here is a list of some pieces that I wouldn't FALL without...

 *boots--cut just above the ankle in black or tan leather
 *white long sleeve t-shirt--it can be paired under any cute tee for  a warmer addition to the sporty look
 *toe socks--cuddling up can't get any cuter with these  cutepatooties
 *black skirt--hitting around the knee
 *textured tights--in an array of colors, but not forgetting black
 *leather, leather, leather--skirt, pants, jacket
 *jean jacket--my personal pic is from the GAP
 *colorful striped sweater--perfect piece that will coordinate with a  vast amount of your already incredible closet

Items that should FALL into storage...

 *capri pants
 *flood jeans
 *white dress shoes

Halloween is coming up, so make a fashionably loud appearance in celebration of the season! You could dress up as a fashionable celebrity as you hit the party scene! Just remeber...Keep Steppin' in Style!


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