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Special Events Expert

Special Events are a great time to kick your fashion into high gear and really strut your stuff. Our Special Events Expert Shantel is here to help... while keeping an eye on what's appropriate.

Beating the Winter Blahs!

Okay, so if you live in one of these northern states like I do (North Dakota) you just might be getting those winter blahs. Hey, even if you live in Florida, it can happen. So how can your wardrobe brighten your spirits? Well I'll show you. Wearing shorts and sunglasses is okay, but you might get a little frostbitten. So, here are some warmer tips:

* Wear colors that are super bright and cheery. Sunny yellow, pastel pink, lots of pastel colors are in this year. You might want to consider picking up some plain basic pastel colored tees. So remember try to use bright colors.

* Hawaiian shirts are perfect to cheer you up. Don't be afraid to wear them! Even if you are shy, just GO for it! You'll be surprised at the smiles you get. Smiles are contagious.

* Some cute toe socks in rainbow colors will always brighten your day. You can get them in mitten form now too. I can tell you feel better already :)

* You need some more stuff though. Just bright cheery colors aren't going to help. Shimmer make up can brighten up your whole face, and every time you look in the mirror, you will be all shimmery and happy. Fix your hair up in ways you never tried before.

* A new hair do (even a semi perfect one) will keep you from falling into the same old thing. Variety makes you feel better.

*Paint your nails in all different colors. Paint smiley faces on them, or try any kind of fun, funky design.Or go with the standard French manicure (which is classic).

Hope you feel a whole lot better, and you'll look a whole lot more cheerful. Have a great week!



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