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Special Events Expert

Special Events are a great time to kick your fashion into high gear and really strut your stuff. Our Special Events Expert Nikki is here to help... while keeping an eye on what's appropriate.

The Boldly New Special Events Expert!

Hi everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm your new Special Events Expert. I'm a freshman in high school (but seriously, I'm a lot mature than you'd think). I live in Seattle, with two baby brothers (one is 4 years old and the other is 4 months old), my mum and my dad. Seattle is such a great city, mainly because it's so diverse. There are plenty of places to shop, and hang out here in the northwest. And even though our weather may seem a little...cold for most, our sense of fashion is right on target. The style up here is relaxed, laid back and always fun.

My sense of style revolves around how I feel that day. You can more likely find me shopping at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, on the Ave. (it's an area that has little 2nd hand shops), on Broadway (lots of great boutiques), downtown Seattle (so many stores, so little time!) or Southcenter mall (it's actually pretty cool...for a mall!).

Well, I have a few passions in life, one of them being fashion. I think that dressing up for a special occasion takes more work because you can't just throw on a skirt or dress and call it an outfit. It takes thinking and careful preparation to distinguish yourself from everyone else. I mean, you really wouldn't want to look like someone's twin at your ball, would you? Me neither! So that's my job. You ask, and I answer. Simple enough? I hope to talk to you all soon. Ciao!



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