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Special Events Expert

Special Events are a great time to kick your fashion into high gear and really strut your stuff. Our Special Events Expert Shantel is here to help... while keeping an eye on what's appropriate.

Job Hunting? Professional Fashion Advice Right Here

Hey Kids!

  I chose this week's topic because I am looking for another job, so I'm job hunting as many of you are. A job interview is a special event, not the most fun, but you need to dress for it. You wanna look good anyways!

Start with a basic skirt, black is a great color because it goes with just about everything. Most employers are impressed by that. Since you got the skirt thing going on, you probably need some panty hose to go with it, as much as we all HATE it, it looks better. Most of the time I'd just go for a black pair, and some dress shoes. This helps the professional look so you appear to be the kind of person they'd want to hire, even if it's for McDonalds.

For a top- little sweater sets are cute in solid colors. I really like a black skirt with a regular sweater. Unionbay has some cute ones out. I usually shop the bargain racks for sweaters. This time of the year they are actually getting rid of tons of sweaters. You could always get a really cute dress to wear too. I recommend one that is not too revealing, most employers don't like that. :-) A cute one I found that is perfect to wear for interviews is a spaghetti strap one that is regular cut and not too short, but has a lacey cardigan that goes over the top so it looks really great, but not too risqué.

For accessories, you want some simple stuff that adds to your ensemble. Jewelry can make your outfit. My partner in crime, Kym is awesome at accessories, so head over to her little fashion cove for some more insight. I recommend a silver necklace (unless gold looks better) that is a chain with some little thing on it, or an illusion necklace with a crystal or something dressy. Some diamond (or fake) earrings really dress up the whole look. Well, that's all for me, come back next week. I have some GREAT ideas for my article, so you'll have to come check it out!! Catch you later!


Also check out this question a viewer submitted for Shantel:

Dear Shantel,

One of my college mates is getting married in a few weeks time. It's going to be a rather crowded church wedding so I'd rather not wear anything that takes up too much room around me. Besides I'm not a very showy or flashy person - most of my clothes are t-shirts and jeans! I haven't got any really nice stuff (I've spent the last four years being a rather impoverished college bum, after all). So I'd like your advice on what to wear.

Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.
Cheers, Louise.

Shantel's Response:

Hey Louise!!

Weddings are SO much fun! You wanna look good. Well if it's going to be crowded, you don't want to wear anything very hot. So sweaters are out! I would reccomend that you get a dress. I know you said you are a t-shirt and jeans person, but if you get a nice dress, you can wear it for lots of things. I only have 2 dresses. I alternate them for special occasions that require a dress! :-)

Since it's almost winter, let me suggest on that is NOT a light and airy summer dress. If you CAN'T stand dresses, go for a nice pair of slacks, and a really nice shirt or silky blouse. Like I said not a sweater, but just like a long sleeved, or even short sleeved shirt that goes with slacks.

You want to stay away from the color white because it is tradition that only the bride wears white. A good color blouse/shirt would be a nice red, green or purple color. If you add the right accesories you can REALLY dress it up! I'll leave that up to Kym who is our accesories expert. But if I were to make a suggestion I would like to say that I like simple chokers, like the ones at Claire's Botiques. They are cheap, but look really expensive with the right outfit.

For shoes, if you have a dress, then I suppose dress shoes or some snazzy, strappy sandals. For the slacks and blouse- go with some nicer shoes like a pair of flats or even a shoe with a little heel. You can try Payless for some nice cheap shoes. The great thing about Payless is that they are cheap but look really nice. And you'll get your money out of them, because you'll only wear them on special occasions. Hope I could be of some help!

Always, Shantel

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