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Special Events Expert

Special Events are a great time to kick your fashion into high gear and really strut your stuff. Our Special Events Expert Shantel is here to help... while keeping an eye on what's appropriate.

'Tis the Holiday Season for Fashion

Hey Fashion Divas!

Well since Christmas and Thanksgiving are coming up really soon, I thought I'd offer some advice about family gatherings.

Yes, sometimes family gatherings can be the lamest, but you still want to look good. You, of course, want your relatives to think you are as cool as everyone else thinks you are!

Most of our relatives are older, and they are very conservative. You don't want to wear the wildest thing you have. It might just scare your grandma! Then she will label you a "hooligan!" Which is a stupid word anyways, but when my cousin wears his 10 sizes too big jeans, she thinks he looks like one.

Of course he has an earring, get the idea! Since most people dress up on holidays, you will probably want to go with a nice dress, dress shoes, the whole nine yards. should probably look at going with a nice pair of khakis.

Seriously, all of this depends on your family, but you can get a general idea. If you want to go with khakis then match it with a nice shirt or nice sweater. There are a lot of great sweaters out there, try these stores: Express, Dillards, Foley's, or the Limited. Even some cheaper national chains such as Kohl's or Ross offer some great variety.

OK, well...I know you all express your own personal self with your clothes-- I do! And I know that I have given some basic tips, but mainly I am just setting some little advice guidelines for you when you are with older people--like relatives. Remember 'Tis the season for giving and fashion fun, but maybe, just maybe for a day or 2 you can make the relatives happy. (maybe you'll get more money from them as gifts :) )

And this site seriously rocks! I use it myself, and I tell all my friends about it!!


Also check out this question a viewer submitted for Shantel:

Dear Shantel,

One of my college mates is getting married in a few weeks time. It's going to be a rather crowded church wedding so I'd rather not wear anything that takes up too much room around me. Besides I'm not a very showy or flashy person - most of my clothes are t-shirts and jeans! I haven't got any really nice stuff (I've spent the last four years being a rather impoverished college bum, after all). So I'd like your advice on what to wear.

Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.
Cheers, Louise.

Shantel's Response:

Hey Louise!!

Weddings are SO much fun! You wanna look good. Well if it's going to be crowded, you don't want to wear anything very hot. So sweaters are out! I would reccomend that you get a dress. I know you said you are a t-shirt and jeans person, but if you get a nice dress, you can wear it for lots of things. I only have 2 dresses. I alternate them for special occasions that require a dress! :-)

Since it's almost winter, let me suggest on that is NOT a light and airy summer dress. If you CAN'T stand dresses, go for a nice pair of slacks, and a really nice shirt or silky blouse. Like I said not a sweater, but just like a long sleeved, or even short sleeved shirt that goes with slacks.

You want to stay away from the color white because it is tradition that only the bride wears white. A good color blouse/shirt would be a nice red, green or purple color. If you add the right accesories you can REALLY dress it up! I'll leave that up to Kym who is our accesories expert. But if I were to make a suggestion I would like to say that I like simple chokers, like the ones at Claire's Botiques. They are cheap, but look really expensive with the right outfit.

For shoes, if you have a dress, then I suppose dress shoes or some snazzy, strappy sandals. For the slacks and blouse- go with some nicer shoes like a pair of flats or even a shoe with a little heel. You can try Payless for some nice cheap shoes. The great thing about Payless is that they are cheap but look really nice. And you'll get your money out of them, because you'll only wear them on special occasions. Hope I could be of some help!

Always, Shantel

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