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Special Events Expert

Special Events are a great time to kick your fashion into high gear and really strut your stuff. Our Special Events Expert Shantel is here to help... while keeping an eye on what's appropriate.

Mall Fashion!

Hey Fashion Divas!

Sometimes we all take for granted that we are going to the mall, and don't dress the way we should. I mean, duh WHO doesn't?? Have you ever had problems with deciding what you will wear to the mall? I do. I don't want to feel like a big geek by wearing what I JUST bought there yesterday. I'll go into the store I bought the clothes in, and feel like a big dork.

Here are some simple guidelines to mall clothes. Some of them are common sense:

1) Wear what you JUST got the day before!
2) Dress like you're going to the prom.
3) Wear your brother's big sweatshirt and sweatpants. People WILL see you! You might just run into that crush!

1) Wear something trendy.
2) Look casual.
3) Look comfy in what you wear.

So, what ARE you gonna wear? Here are some CUTE examples. Today I was at the mall. (hey I got paid!!) I was wearing my Lucky Jeans, my green Lucky shirt that has a 13 on it and is really adorable, my Dr. Martins, my pinky ring and my butterfly invisible necklace. Now that is some good mall attire!

My friend was wearing her 3/4 length sleeve shirt in red and white plaid with a white shirt underneath since it's button up, and her Calvins, with her Sketcher shoes. This is also good.

For mall trips, I like to dress like I'm going to school, except most of the time I have more time to get ready, so I end up looking better. I'm VERY open to questions and ideas for my next column. I'll probably turn your question into a column, so PLEASE email us!! I'd LOVE to hear from you. I will see ya next time! :-)



Also check out these questions submitted for Shantel:

Question 1:

Well my hair is about shoulder length maybe longer i have bangs but i dont have much to do with my you have any advice?


Sick of Hair

Shantel's Response:

Hey Sick of Hair,

Well my hair is the same, and baby thin. My bangs seem to hinder what I can do with my hair. I have it cut so it's shorter in front and gets longer as it goes back. I still can pull it into your basic pony tail, bun, braid, etc. but that's SO boring! Plus I have to use lots of hair spray! :-)

I like to clip up the sides, or pull some back from the top. Just clip one side,and let the other down. Little butterfly clips are still cool in my school so I use those. I like the little idea to pull some from the top and twist it then clip it. I have hairspray glitter that REALLY adds to my hair. Try adding some velcro flowers or whatever looks cute stuck in your hair. Hope this gives you some ideas!


Question 2:

Hi there

I really admire the way you've handled "How Do I Make The Guy I Like At School Notice Me?" (Oct 11, 99). I am average in height and weight--not on the plum side. Even though I admit that from the waist upwards is my best asset, I too, share the same lack of confidence for my rear. And also my legs--I hide my rear and legs in more-or-less loose (not too baggy) jeans, and long "A-line" skirts. But I feel as if my wardrobe could only do me so much, and I think I need to widen my choice of clothes rather than wearing jeans and long skirts all the time. Could you suggest some wears that I could get within a minimal budget? Also, what is effective of obtaining gorgeous rear and legs?


Bored Diva

Shantel's Response:

Bored Diva,

I have a similar problem. I'll just offer you a little advice. I wear jeans that are more fitting, but still aren't too tight so Idon't look fat. I wear small t-shirts that enhance my upper torso. A belt really makes you look skinny in the waist.


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