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Nightlife Expert

A night out on the town needs some expert fashion advice...let our Nightlife Expert help!

The Month of Love!

Hi Girls!

It is February, the month of love! How about this month you show your honey just how great you can look.

Even though there is love in the air, there is still a chill in the air. If you're going out for an elegant evening, you can wear a lot of nice clothes to keep you warm, and still make your sweetheart's jaw drop. Long skirts with print can be matched with cute tight long sleeved shirts and matching jackets, or nice dress pants and turtle neck sweaters.

If you'd like to show more skin, there are gorgeous short length dresses you can wear with a pretty matching cardigan over top. Also cute skirts and knee-length boots can be matched with a long sleeved shirt and a nice jacket over top. The combinations are endless. For people who live in warmer areas that you can wear shorts easily, there are adorable tank tops - halters, tubes, spagetti strapped, etc. that you can match with skirts - long or short.

Also try something pretty with you hair. For long haired girls you can try a whispy look that is very clean and pretty. Take a curling iron and pull your hair up with your hands so that the chunk of hair you have is straight up from you head. Then take the curling iron and roll it backwards. When you release it, the hair will be flipped out a little but will land nicely against your neck and shoulders. Do this to your whole head for a beautiful look.

For girls with shorter hair, you can part your hair off to the side and take the bangs and partially tuck the front behind one of your ears. Curl the ends with a 1 1/2 or 2 inch barrell curling iron and smooth out with your fingers.

Good luck on your dates girls, and have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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