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Nightlife Expert

A night out on the town needs some expert fashion advice...let our Nightlife Expert help!

Hello Fashion Seekers!

Are you all enjoying the gorgeous weather? I have been taking it in as much as I possibly can, before the rain comes again, and even the snow as we saw last week here in Ohio, 80 degrees outside and sunny and the next day we had 3 inches of snow and the low of 26 degrees. Amazing, yet extremely hard to figure out what you're going to wear. I've also come to find many problems with the humidity. You try to style your hair, and you walk outside and the curl you had, has fallen out before you even get into the car. However, there is no cure to get rid of the humidity, there are ways you can prevent your hair from becoming a total mess before you hit the nightlife.

1. If you have dry hair, then ONLY use a moisturizing conditioner in the shower, do not apply any extra conditioner, such as a leave-in or a styling product that has extra conditioning in it. Too much will weigh your hair down and also make it greasy looking when taken into high humidity.

2. After you are out of the shower, spray a mist of humidity protector on your hair - many salons carry this, even drug stores do. Thermasilk is a good example.

3. When you are done, let your hair air dry for as long as you possibly can. The more you let it dry, the more your hair will have time to adjust to the humidity already in your home making it less likely to have a huge toll taken on it when you go outside.

4. Blow dry your hair on low, starting with your roots down to the ends. Don't hold the hair dryer too close to your hair - split ends are caused this way.

5. Brush out your hair, and wait around 10-15 mins before styling, giving your hair a chance to rest before more heat is added.

6. If you plan to wear your hair straight for the night, add a light pomade or sheer gloss to your hair - try Redken's Glass. Smooth over hair once at the house, and once before you get to your destination.

7. If you are going for curls, apply a dob of styling foam over the course of your hair, smooth it thru and let dry. After you curl your hair, spray an aerosol type hair spray lightly over your hair and scrunch the curls with your hands. Repeat, and you should be good to go. You might want to carry the hair spray with you and spritz one more time before you go.

We can't change the weather, so we'll have to live with what it brings, humidity or no humidity, don't let it damper your night. Get ready, look great, and have some fun. Hope everyone's Spring Break was wonderful! Summer is coming fast, can't wait!


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