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Preppy Expert

The preppy look has come a long way since the 80's... and our Preppy Fashion Expert Sarah is here to keep you updated on this classic look.

Summer is Over, Quick, Let's Go Shopping!!

  Sarah's my name, shopping is definitely my game! California girl that I am, I've adopted what could be called the "California Preppy" fashion style. When you think of the preppy category the first thing that comes to your mind are those sweater vests and those khaki and denim ensembles right? Well things have changed a little. The preppy style is evolving into an exciting world of capri pants, cute floral dresses, and shirts with 3/4 length sleeves.

  Like many of you, my senior year has FINALLY arrived. For me that means only one more year of wearing those dull plaid skirts and boring polo shirts. And though I try my best to make my uniform unique it is very hard to let my fashion creativity run wild when it is silenced by school rules and regulations. So, this only means that on those few chances I have to wear my only clothes I have to go all out wearing my latest up-to-the-minute fashion trend.

  Like I said before, and I hope you will all agree with me, the preppy style has branched out a lot. It is hard to define what exactly the preppy category includes. But just because our closets are filled with stuff from Banana Republic doesn't mean that we can't have our wild days and go for something a little crazy and "un-preppy," but we always return to our white sneakers and fitted t-shirts.

  If you scan your television you'll find many stars have adopted the preppy style on their show. Friends is a good example of a cast of "preps." Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston both take their preppy fashion from the show into their real lives. "Kelly" and "Donna" on Beverly Hills 90210 are also guilty of being "preps." Kelly wears kind of low key, soft, feminine, floral outfits while Donna is into the more mainstream preppiness which is where I'd place myself. So now that I've told you way more than you ever wanted to know, it's time to prepare for that summer shopping spree to pick the best and bypass the worst.

  School is officially back and we have to set aside the Cliff's Notes and Geometry cheat sheets and focus on what's really important- our summer fashion!! With the warm weather still lingering, their is no shortage of cool and comfortable clothing to help us get through these long, sweaty days. When the temperature really heats up, we all know the best place to cool down is at the mall! And even though I know you all love to meander in and out of the stores searching for the latest trend and finding what's cool, I'm going to try and make life easier for you and give you a few tips on what to look for.

  Naturally, with warm weather comes all those trips to the beach, and with that comes the never-ending search for the perfect bathing suit. It's a tireless game but we can't stop until we succeed by finding the perfect bathing suit that highlights our high points and just plain hides our low points. A very new, hot trend coming to sandy shores near you is the "Tank-ini." This nifty little invention provides more coverage than a regular bikini and it's still cute and sexy. Instead of the typical two-piece, the "Tank-ini" is a tank top paired with bikini bottoms. The tank is made of the same material as a regular bathing suit. I love this new trend, now all you have to do is find the right color.

  I'm sure you all remember last summer's "new trend" was the boy shorts instead of the itty-bitty bikini bottoms. This fashionable look seems to have carried over into this summer with cuter designs and patterns. It is definetly a must-have. If you get the right size the bathing suit shouldn't ride up in the back if you know what I mean. A nice snug one will probably stay in place. Of course, we can't forget what to wear over our bathing suits. Board shorts have remained a summer must and no surprise, they are still the in thing this year.

  Now that we've taken care of our beachwear we have to find something cute to wear during the day. This year there are endless possibilities for you fashion divas. Many of the trends from the last couple of years have stayed in style but might have a face-lift of sorts. Designers have slightly changed the design in order to keep you interested. Last summer, capri pants made their appearance and continue to be a major hit this summer. However, if you want to be slightly different, instead of being one of the zillions of girls who will be wearing this cute idea, try the latest look for capris. The new style of that pants is a little looser and many cuff at the bottom. It's very cute and very "I Love Lucy" inspired.

  Two new additions to the world of shirts are the tube top and the shrug. Now the tube top is not really a new fashion discovery. I'm sure if you asked, you'd find that many of your mothers wore this hip fashionable item when they were your age. In fact, many of you may score big if your mom saved all of her clothes from her flower power days. Now is the time to search the attic. The tube top receives it's name because it is in fact a "tube" of fabric. But unlike the one's our mom's wore, today's tube tops come in a range of fabrics, colors, textures, and designs. They are especially cute when paired with a pair of capris and a cardigan of the same color.

  However, if you want to be on the edge of fashion, ditch that passe cardigan look and get yourself a "shrug." These cute little cover ups are perfect for summer evenings or those cool days when the sun just doesn't want to shine. Shrugs are similar to cardigans; they have long sleeves (some may have 3/4 length sleeves) and are worn just like a cardigan except they only cover the shoulders. These cute little sweaters are all the rage amongst Hollywood's fashion elite.

  Well ladies, I've provided you with some summer fashion knowledge so get your wallets and your keys and start your engines! The race to find the perfect summer outfit is on! Good luck and have a great school year! If you find or spot a new trend in your own hometown send it in and let me know about it, you could be featured in one of our columns!


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