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Preppy Expert

The preppy look has come a long way since the 80's... and our Preppy Fashion Expert Sarah is here to keep you updated on this classic look.

Hot Jackets and Coats for a Cool Winter!

  This week I've decided to let you all in on what's hot and what's not for fall and winter jackets and sweaters. Though if I step outside right now wearing a jacket I'd probably cry-it's 90 degrees! However I know that the weather is a little different for some of you and if not, then hey, you can never go wrong when you shop early!

  Let's start with sweaters. Cardigans get cuter and cuter as the year's go by. Maybe you've noticed that designers are going a step further by adding flowers, beads, and various fabrics. I personally love these new creations and can't get enough of them, especially the beaded ones. You can dress up a simple dress with a cardigan or maybe just add a colorful flare to a T-shirt and jeans look. Either way cardigans are definitely a stylish way to keep warm.

  As I mentioned in last week's article, shrugs are one of the latest editions to the fashion world. Unlike cardigans, shrugs only cover the shoulders. Though it is true, we girls suffer in the sake of fashion but I do not recommend choosing these cover-ups during a blizzard. They're perfect though to wear now while the weather is not so incredibly cold that your nose is turning blue.

Moving on to jackets...

  The classic denim jacket is making yet another appearance in fashion history and like everything else, it's been revamped and updated a little but it's still the same old thing our dad's wore when they were little. This year the new look is dark denim and smaller, more fitted jackets. Finding a really nice one tends to be a little pricey but definitely worth the splurge. These adorable things are a fashion hit in my opinion. They're cute when paired with a skirt or a dress. Don't wear them with a pair of jeans that are a different shade of denim. That is a fashion NO.

  Also continuing it's run as a winter must-have is the peacoat. I love these little guys! They look great on anyone and with almost anything. They're also starting to appear in a variety of different colors though I choose to stick with the basic navy blue or black. You may also find them in different fabrics as well; corduroy, the standard wool, etc. This trend is a universal look that both guys and girls are wearing. They're great ways to keep warm and still look great. Peacoats can be worn in a "Felicity-inspired" look: the "Hi I'm just wearing old faded jeans, a sweater, and of course the peacoat with my hair tossed up in a sloppy bun and yet I still look great and Ben and Noel both want me!" can be used with a skirt or casual dress. No matter how you wear it, you'll always look great!

  Also making an appearance this season are fur (faux of course) trimmed coats. They come in a variety of styles but the major factor is the fur trimmed collar and sometimes sleeves. If you find the right style this "dressed-up" coat can be a fashion hit. However, if you pair it with the wrong ensemble you'll be a total mess. Remember, this is somewhat of a sophisticated look so try to pair it with a nice simple combination...don't get too crazy.

  Well, that's all I've got for this week. If there's a preppy fashion trend you'd like me to look into and perhaps feature in one of my weekly articles, Let me know! Send your idea to us and I'll definitely look into it! Now that you've got a couple of ideas on what's hot in the coat and sweater looks you should have no trouble finding something to stay warm in this winter. Have a great week!

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