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Prom Expert

Prom season is quickly approaching. Who better to help you than Kym, our very own Accessories Expert. She will keep you updating on new prom fashions and answer all your questions. You want an important night like this to be perfect, so let Kym help!

More Cheap Accessories: Gloves

As promised, today's article will get you totally accessorized -- for cheaper than you ever imagined!

You're almost on your way to the prom! Don't get too frustrated now, but you've got to work on getting your "pieces de resistance" -- those few extra special touches to make you stand out from the crowd. Here's my suggestions on how to obtain these items cheaply...

Many girls overlook these princess-like accompaniments. Gloves look fabulous with many styles of dresses...particularly those fluffy Cinderella dresses.

If you don't want to blow the bank on these small touches, try out a pair of wrist-length gloves, which you can purchase for around $10. Longer, elbow-length gloves also look excellent on many styles. You can purchase these for around $20. Also available nationwide are full arm gloves, which cover to about six inches above your elbow. These gloves are super glam and look great on everyone, including girls who despise their arms! (hint hint).

Gloves can be bought in bridal salons, prom shops, and even some shoe stores. They come in almost every color of the rainbow. Match them to the color at the top of your dress, especially if you have a two tone gown.

After you buy your gloves, you can adorn them with special touches very cheaply. These extra touches on your extra accessories will truly make you look spectacular. I promise people will notice the extra effort.

How do you add these adornments? Easily! Head, once again, to a craft store and purchase beads in a bag. You will be amazed how many varieties of beads they offer. Purchase ones that match the ones on your dress. If your dress doesn't have beading, purchase pearls or other dull-finished beads in the color of your dress. Beads are incredibly cheap (about 88 cents to $2.99) Then sew these beads onto your gloves by hand. Yes, this task is daunting and tedious, but it looks great.

TAKE YOUR TIME AND PLAN AHEAD or you're sure to become frustrated. The trick is not to overbead. Beading is definitely an acquired skill, one which I think I've mastered over the years.

To start with, lay the glove flat on a table. Then place beads in the spots where you think they look fabulous. (The key spots to place beads are the very top of the glove and the body of the glove. Do NOT bead the fingers of the glove -- it looks homemade!) If you want your beading to look extra professional, put a sequin on behind each bead. The gloves will sparkle and shine when you move them. (but they won't look overdone) I recommend size #4 beads or smaller -- larger beads will draw attention away from all the other elements of your outfit. Have someone check out your layout before you start sewing!

When you do start sewing, use a double-threaded needle and thin a thin needle (so you don't poke too big a hole in your glove's fragile material). Knot the end of the thread and insert your needle on the INSIDE of the glove. Puncture the material and pull your needle through the right side. Then add a sequin. Then insert a bead on your needle. Push the sequin and bead down to the glove, and then insert your needle through the sequin and the bottom of the glove. This creates a secure stitch and insures that you won't lose your beads.

Pull slightly on the thread and add two slip knots. Then CUT THE THREAD and begin a new bead sequence. EACH BEAD MUST BE DONE INDIVIDUALLY. You cannot leave string hanging from one bead to another -- it will make your gloves uncomfortable and will make you stitching more apt to pull apart.

Have fun beading. My beading took me an hour. I have about 30 beads on each glove, and they look really cute. I used pink pearls, white pearls, and aura borealis (sparkly, iridescent) sequins. They match my dress perfectly! I hope you are all getting as excited as I am!

Total cost -- depending upon length of gloves. $13-$27

Questions? Email Kym at (Please be sure one of my other articles doesn't answer your question. Thanks!)

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