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Prom Expert

Prom season is quickly approaching. Who better to help you than Kym, our very own Accessories Expert. She will keep you updating on new prom fashions and answer all your questions. You want an important night like this to be perfect, so let Kym help!

More Cheap Accessories: Necklaces

These are surprisingly easy to make. The key, as usual, is to TAKE YOUR TIME and plan ahead. Draw out what you want your necklace to look like. Keep in mind the neckline of you gown and the style it portrays.

Buy jewelry wire (about $1.15). This jewelry lifesaver is flexible but a lot stronger than string. (I wouldn't personally recommend string unless it is really strong!) Purchase the beads at the craft store. Purchase beads that match your dress. Keep in mind how large and prominent you want your necklace to be. Is it a focal point or just a simple add-on?

The simplest necklaces to make are single strand. These necklaces are strung on one string and are simply plain. But boring? Not so! You can add spacer beads, sequins, and pearls to make these look fabulous!

The secret is to buy expensive-looking beads. (Though their actually very cheap.) Pearls look nice. I would not recommend making a rhinestone necklace, particularly because they tend to be more harder to work with and usually end up look homemade. Once again, layout your work before you bead.

You won't need a needle for this project -- let the wire thread your beads. You can also purchase lobster-claw clasps or closures to make your outcome more professional.

Total cost? Completely dependent upon the beads you pick. $2-$8

Questions? Email Kym at (Please be sure one of my other articles doesn't answer your question. Thanks!)

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