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Prom Expert

Prom season is quickly approaching. Who better to help you than Kym, our very own Accessories Expert. She will keep you updating on new prom fashions and answer all your questions. You want an important night like this to be perfect, so let Kym help!

Prom Hair: PART II

Hello fashion divas! As promised, today we'll talk about some specific styles for your hair. The secret to great prom hair? Trial and error. Trying out many different styles will ensure that you have a great style that will last all night. YOU MUST TRY OUT YOUR HAIR before the prom. If you don't, you are doomed for pre-prom stress and will most likely give up on your hair style.

Another secret? Don't take on too much. This is very important. Many girls who never do their hair think that on prom night, that can magically remaster a french twist with side trendils and a curly top. Not so! If you aren't too talented in the hair area, take one of two routes. Either get your hair done professionally (which will put you back $25-$50!) or complete a really simple hairstyle. You could try hot rollers for a soft, curly effect. This will look great, especially if your hair is naturally straight or wavy (the change will be more noticable!)

Girls who have short hair have some easy options. If your hair is really short, you can use glitter, barrettes, or other hair accesories to dress up your style. If you want to add extra pizazz, use a curling iron all over your head and then finger comb your hair. You could also try adding some gel and brushing all the hair away from your face. If you don't like this "slick look", you could add some gel to wet hair and scrunch while blow drying for a piecy, wavy look. Remember that barrettes and decorative bobby pins are probably your best bet -- they will add sparkle quickly and cheaply. DON'T leave your hair the way it always is -- try to change your hair in some way for prom night. Otherwise you'll look like your playing dress-up.

Girls with MEDIUM or LONG length hair also have a variety of styles to choose from. They can always chose to use corn rolls -- which are used by many other prom-goers. (which could be a plus or a minus, depending upon your perspective). You can make corn rolls by making a part down the center of your head. Grab one inch of hair from the right side of your head. You should only have a little bit of hair in your hand. Twist this section until it tightly rolls. Use two bobby pins to hold this look about three or four inches from your forehead. Put the bobby pins in an "X" in order to hold the roll.

You could also try hot rollers -- a great, soft look for almost everyone. If you want to dress this look up, you could try a few things. 1) After you take out your hot rollers, make a half pony-tail (the ponies that only include half of your hair horizontally). Practice pinning the curls in the pony-tail on top of your head. The curls will fall almost naturally, and you can simply use one or two pinned pieces to cover your pony-tail holder. 2) After taking out your hot rollers, put all of your hair in a pony-tail. Pin all of you hair onto the top of your head. This take a little more practice, but looks great. Don't leave any hair hanging, or it will look like your simply wearing a pony-tail (a fact no one needs to know but you.) The pony-tail adds extra strength to your style and ensures that it will stay in all night.

If you don't want to hot roller, try a crimpy look. The night before the prom, put eight braids in your hair. Use rubber-band like pony-O's to hold the bottom's in. (thicker bands make marks). The next day, take this braids out and finger comb through them with some fizz control gel. If you can't keep the braids in the night before the prom, you could put the braids in right after school. Leave your hair only a little bit wet (a very little bit, or it won't dry!) Then braid your hair and use the blow dryer to finish drying your hair. Spray with hairspray. Then use a flattening iron or some more of the blow dryer to set your style. After this, let the braids stay in for as long as possible. You will only need about fifeteen minutes to style your hair after the braids come out, so try to keep the braids in!

If you want to make this look even fancier, add barrettes or glitter to it. You could also pin the hair around the face for a wild, punky look.

The secret to great hair is (once again) TRIAL AND ERROR. Many of these great styles can be mixed together. You could even recreate a Brittney Spear's look by braiding random sections of hair, curling others, and leaving some pin-straight.

Have fun trying your hairstyles out. If you have any more questions, please get back to me, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you!

Next time we'll talk about pre-prom prep for your skin. You want to be glowing, but how do you get there?

Questions? Email Kym at (Please be sure one of my other articles doesn't answer your question. Thanks!)

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