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Something a Little Different...

Hey ladies! Well, it's that time again and I know some of you have been anxious to see what brilliant idea I've come up with next! This week I decided to look for other fashion websites that may be able to help us all in this oh so demanding world! Even though I think rocks and is above the rest, I am not one to deny our faults or lack of updating lately:o( But please bear with us! We lost our editor back in January, but now we are back on our feet with our new editor Sarah!

In the following I have searched and critiqued other fashion websites for you with a brief summary about each one. I hope that if you ever don't find what you need at, then I hope you will take a look at these other sites I have discovered for ya!

1. Fashion For Teens - accessories clothes beauty dresses prom message boards shoes swimwear tips trends zines teen fashion - An absolute to die for site! They give you many, many links for different things such as clothing, beauty, shoes, swimwear, dresses and more! There is tons of info for you to surf through! The site even has a list of links to some of today's hottest Zines, free online publications, that are packed with loads of fashion tips that you need to know!

2. http://www.teenfx. com/teenfx/newhome.cfm?version=LITE- A very cute down to earth site. They not only specialize in fashion, but in other concerns such as shopping, school, and health. The fashion section is broken down into categories...jeans, shirts, shorts, shoes, underwear, hair style and etc. Each category page gives you links to any websites where you will find that item displayed. It also has a teen poll and a message board where divas like us can exchange and respond with fashion do's and dont's, best bargains, and we can answer eachother's questions too!

3. WWW.TEEN.COM- The Ultimate Place For Teens- Fashion- Cheap-to-Chic, New Shooz, Shop around , Gotta Get It, and Strike a Pose are just some of the unlimited headers you will find on this site.!The site is set up just like your normal teen magazine, which makes it too easy for you to find what you want! It's too cute to pass up! It even has it's own e-shopping mall!

4. Girlfriends LA - Teen Fashions, Shoes and Accessories for all sizes!- "B" is for Brilliant! Join the GFLA club and even sign up for your own free catalog! They have awesome items to sell! Check out their accesories, clothes, shoes and more! Even send a postcard to a buddy if you really like the site! They also keep you up with all their mega sales!

5. JUNK PILE - Not really a site for giving tips and such, but it's a great site to look for trendy jewelry and accesories! Chokers, bracelets, sunglasses, handbags, illusions, navel jewelry, arm bands and hairwear is what you'll find here! Go and take a look!

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