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Audience Questions galore!!

  I have decided to post a bunch of audience questions for my column this week. Please remember that I am very interested in helping you fashion divas if you ever have a question. Just send your question, and I will answer it and have it posted on my section.

Thanks a lot,


Question 1:

Hi Experts,

~I have a bust that is too big for my age...What should I wear to make them look smaller?



Amanda's Response:

Hey Busty!!

There are a few things that you can do to reduce your bust. First, if you feel like you could shape up and/or that you need can reduce yor bust by doing certain exercises or just exercising in general will do the trick.

Secondly, this is my fav, there are bras you can buy that are specially made to make you bust look one size smaller, maybe two. The other thing I like about them is they give your bust a rounded shape. They don't make them look stuck out and cone shaped. You can buy them at JCPenny's or any other department store. Sadly you won't find them at Target and Wal-Mart for great prices, but the bras are worth the hefty penny.

Keep Smilin and Stylin!


Question 2:

Well my hair is about shoulder length maybe longer, and I have bangs, but I don't have much to do with my you have any advice?


Sick of Hair

Amanda's Response:

Hi Sick of Hair!!

Simple hair is in for this fall, as our one and only Urban expert Chako has reminded us. If you don't like your straight hair look, try looking at a hair salon in one of the featured styles books we've all looked through time after time, or a magazine for a layered look. Having layers will give you something to do with your hair. You can either curl your layers, or blow-dry them for a whispy look. This will give your hair structure, volume, and your new layered look could also accent your face and help it stand out more.

If you don't want to spend the money on a hair cut, then you can always browse your accessory stores for barettes, head bands, etc. Search for items that hold your fancy and improvise them into your own look. You can even add hair glitter if it fits your fancy. Some girls even enjoy hair mascara, those range in colors from blue to green, red, pink, purple and yellow.

Another thing to do is to ask your friends, and see what they are doing to their hair and what they think you should being do to yours. Being an online expert, I can't see your lovely-self everyday like your friends can. If you're not sure what to do, they know you just as well as you know yourself. They might be able to pinpoint the exact look you should try.

Much Love Fashion Diva!!


Question 3:


This is a teen gal from Asia speaking.. I am from a strict school which doesn't allow colouring of hair, mutiple pierced ears or coloured hair clips..etc.. I will like to know how i can look cool in school, without breaking the school rules or getting in to trouble. Any advice?


Elle Ying-Chan

Amanda's Response:


Wow, those rules are rough on a fashion diva! But, never fear, there is always the perfect style for every ocassion. Go for the sleek/classy look. Pleated skirts, quarter length shirts, turtle necks, simple V-necks, cardigans, A-line skirts, and black flares in cotton etc. Look for reds,greys, blacks, suttle yellows, darker purples and blues. Wear your hair simple, whisped back or layered. If you wear make-up, wear warm colors on your cheeks, lips, and eyes.


Question 4:

Ok my friend and I were walking down the hall and we saw this girl with a totally skinny body! My friend goes, "don't you think I look like her?" I answered by saying that yes she did look like her. Well then I asked her about me and she said " Heck No!" That hurt my feelings a lot. I really need some help, do you have any good IDEAS? Usually I wear carps and a tank or a tank with an over top. Well can you help?


Amanda's Response:


Don't listen to your friend. If she was your true friend she should have known to be more sensitive about those types of comments. Being a girl herself she should know what type of damage that could cause for one's emotions. Being skinny isn't everything sweets. I'm sure you are perfectly fine.

But if you are really worried about your appearence, eat healthy and exercise. Don't even think about the pills, or the so called "healthy drinks." Not all those work for everyone, and especially being a young woman, you don't need to be forcing your body into that kind of stuff.

Drinks lots of water. A single cold glass of water can possibly burn 35 calories alone. It also keeps you hydrated and ready for physical activities. Try joining an aerobics class such as kick-boxing etc at your nearest sports and recreation center. But, I wouldn't worry about anything hun, just worry about being true to yourself and you'll be just fine.

4ever Your Fashion Junkie,


Question 5:

Hi there,

I really admire the way you've handled "How Do I Make The Guy I Like At School Notice Me?" (Oct 11, 99). I am average in height and weight--not on the plum side. Even though I admit that from the waist upwards is my best asset, I too, share the same lack of confidence for my rear. And also my legs--I hide my rear and legs in more-or-less loose (not too baggy) jeans, and long "A-line" skirts. But I feel as if my wardrobe could only do me so much.... and I think I need to widen my choice of clothes rather than wearing jeans and long skirts all the time. Could you suggest some wears that I could get within a minimal budget? Also, what is effective for obtaining gorgeous rear and legs? Thanks!

Bored Diva

Amanda's Response:

Bored Diva, What can I say, I used to do the same exact thing. I used to hide my legs and my tush. Every girl I know has done it either once or twice or is continuing into her millionth time. I definately believe that legs and tush are the two number one things a woman or young lady strives to hide.

Now, you said you wanted alternatives to just jeans and skirts...compromising with a minimal budget? Well, let's see...maybe you should try cargo pants or semi-fitting black cotton flares. Any bottom pieces in dark colors will have a slimming effect. And the only real way to tell if anything will hide your bum is if you try the pants on...and I know every girl hates this sometimes when they are shopping.....but take a look in the mirror. If it's not what u want....toss the suckers and try the next!:o)

Limited jeans and Express jeans are based at fairly reasonable prices and the boot leg-cut jeans do wonders for the bottom. Take a look at places such as Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. Just recently I have noticed their new motivation in supplying clothes that are "in"'s ok to shop at places like these!

There are so many styles and things that you can wear out there that it's just a matter of digging, looking, and spending time searching for the perfect new look.

Effective ways to improve the legs and butt you say?? RUN..or go rent "buns & legs of steel videos"...hehe....running helped me out also helps with other attributes too. Hope I helped...if I didn't...write me back...and yell at me..hehe...and I'll give you more ideas!!


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