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More Audience Questions galore!!

  I have decided to post a bunch of audience questions for my column this week. Please remember that I am very interested in helping you fashion divas if you ever have a question. Just send your question, and I will answer it and have it posted on my section.

Thanks a lot,


Question 1:

Hi Experts..

My elbows are ugly. They're dry and black. I've tried everything from scrubbing them to applying lotion but nothing works. So when I go out,I have to wear something that would cover my elbows (the same goes for my knees) like a cardigan etc. I'd really like to wear something short sleeved but don't want to bend my arms all the time. Please help!

Sarah Adams

Amanda's Response:


Everyone has ashy elbows...don't feel so alone. Have you tried putting vaselene or baby oil on them at night? I know how much of a pain this can be because my elbows get the same way in the winter. You could try wearing 3-quarter length shirts...they have enough length to where they barely cover your elbows but have just enough length to hide 'em. There isn't really much to wear to cover your elbows though. Have you seen maybe a dermatologist about your elbows? A dermatologist can help you out a lot with any skin problems you might have. Give it a try and write me back and tell me what's up!

4ever Your Fashion Junkie,


Question 2:

Hi! I'd like to find out how I can get a new look. Something that will turn heads. I'm one of prettiest girls in my class and can turn heads sometimes just by my face, but not the right faces. I need something new. I'm going to America in December so I also need to find out the winter fashion there as soon as possible. Please help with both problems.


South Africa

Amanda's Response:


Well, right off the bat I'm not sure what you're sportin I'm not sure what new look advice to give ya. You said that you turn heads...but not the heads you would like to turn. Then I agree, if that's not what you want you need to find a new look. You're coming to America in December? What part? East coast or West coast? I'm not sure what kind of clothes you are into wearing, but I made a list of the websites you should check out for the styles that are in around here on the east coast!

American Eagle '99    mXg Online    Abercrombie: Naughty or Nice    Express    The Limited    Old Navy    the gap

4ever Your Fashion Junkie,


Question 3:


Please, I am in dire need of fashion help! I go to a catholic school, so unfortunately I have to wear a uniform. It's not that bad, but it is difficult to come up with new ways to be unique when everybody is wearing the same thing. Our school is not too strict about the uniform, so I need to take advantage of that... pronto! --- ~Kitty~ ^_~

Amanda's Response:

Kitty ,

Okay let's see, well what does your school uniform consist of? White top and plaid skirt? If yes, then have you tried a white quarter length blouse with say maybe a trendy/classy scarf? This may sound out of date, but you could also maybe add a tie to your blouse. Beads are in this fall from bracelets to daily wear. Many girls even like to make their own bead-work. You could try making your own nifty accessories and adding that to your look.

Try finding a cute cardigan or two to go along with your skirt and blouse duo in a thrift-shop or designer store. You could even try looking for a pair of shoes that stand out but make a bold statement. Search for a unique looking purse that catches your fancy and carry it around with you to add to your school's synchronized style.

Dig deep and try to find a pair of earrings that you like, that you are certain no one else has. Coordinate different colors in your uniform with maybe choice of nylons,socks, or hair accesories.

4Ever Your Fashion Diva,


Question 4:


My name is Hailey. Here is my problem with the "Body Shape Quiz" that I just took. It suggested that I should pay more attention to the people around me that have the same body shape and to be familiar with what they were wearing and if I liked it I could go look for something like it in the store.

Well, I have been doin that and I personally have a lot of problems fining the right jeans. I have asked my friends around me that I know where they get their jeans and then when I go to the store and look for those jeans or any kind of jeans they are never there. It seems to be that whenever my friends go to a clothes store to get jeans they find the right jeans and those are the people that wear the same size as me, but then when I go I can't EVER seem to find the jeans I'm looking for. I try them on and I don't seem to feel comfortable in them!!! It's so weird!! If you have any suggestions I would TRULY appriciate it soooo much!!!

Thanks for your time!!!!



Amanda's Response:


I hate shopping for the right jeans...don't you?! I fully understand where you are coming from sweets. It gets really tiring after the 12th pair of jeans and you can't find the right pair. Sadly, there really isn't much to do about your problem. You just have too keep searching for the right pair, and hope that your 13th pair will be the right ones:o)

Don't concentrate so much on the type of jeans your friends are wearing. If you don't feel comfortable, then they aren't for you no matter what they can do for your body, or if they coordinate with your body shape. It depends on your preference too. If you like snug fitting jeans.....try boot-cut, flares, or slims. If you like loose fitting jeans try silver tabs boy cut jeans, or loose fit. 4ever Your FashionDiva,


P.S. Remember, I'm here to help if you want more input or help, just write back and I'd be glad to give as much advice possible!:o)

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