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Futureshock: Local Talent Isn't Hard to Find (Introducing San Diego Musik)

San Diego is a city that hip-hop can not seem to wholly thrive in, yet in its underbelly there dwells a plethora of talented emcees and djs.

Future Shock is an emerging hip hop group that has remained somewhat unknown yet is not trying to gain notoriety, but continue to create innovative beats and rhymes for music’s sake. It was refreshing to meet a group of honest young emcees and producers that want to get their message out about music and life and avoid all the hype of local popularity.

The group is composed of four performers, all in their mid-20s: Trey-Qel, the DJ, Red Bonz, emcee, Sojourn, emcee, and Ajax, Emcee. They found each other after their respective groups broke up, and it is a good thing they collaborated because their talents complement each other well. All four individuals are intelligent artists that are very conscious about the aesthetics of their beats and lyrics. They're not in it to build a name, "we're in it to hopefully influence others for the art," expressed emcee, Red Bonz.

They jokingly explain that they have performed about a thousand shows to a total of twelve people. This kind of self-deprecating humor shows that the group is unaffected by their current low profile status. Instead of being jaded about their show turnouts, they continue to learn and progress. San Diego has not given the warmest of welcomes to any traditional hip-hop group that tries to break out onto its scene, however, it is best said by Red Bonz, "Cats that continue to do [hip-hop] are cats that are real."

However, their words on artists in current popular hip-hop are not too enthusiastic. They have noticed that a lot of the music out today has lost its "art"; the true artists are not the ones winning the Grammy's or top-selling their albums. The group has a lot to say about what is real and different from the radio-friendly noise that is polluting the air waves. With their own music, they are not afraid of experimentalism or transgressing from the"norm." Their experimentalism is reflected in their use of vocabulary to analyze the truth, synchronizing their voices, and sampling from "anything from Fleetwood Mac to Alanis Morrisette."

In contrast to a lot of groups today, they feel it is important to reflect their intelligence by dismissing cuss words. They attempt to "avoid being grouped in with anyone else."

"Basically, the mainstream sucks," explains emcee, Sojourn.

The group members avoid the over-produced rap and instead praise "conscious" hip-hop groups like De La Soul, Quannum Projects and Blackalicious. Their influences come from a variety of unexpected sources, which explains their unique sound and innovative use of word play.

One would be surprised to hear the albums that are currently in their rotation and of the sources of their inspiration. Red Bonz is currently enthralled with Fred Hammond, Trey Qel has been listening to Dido along with a lot of 1970s jazz and New Age music, Sojourn has been captivated by Jill Scott and Ajax has been listening to Duncan Sheik and Sting. Their contrasting musical tastes express the variety within the group, and they continue to maintain harmony without much artistic conflict.

When asked how they label themselves, they replied "hip-hop", but upon further questioning they unabashedly proclaimed their faith. Futureshock can be described as "Christian hip-hop", however, they feel that it is an unnecessary distinction; that their music is true art, "their calling", and should be known as such. They forgo using cuss words to heighten the spiritual and intellectual levels of their message. Instead, they are challenged to replace expletives by widening their word bank, which a lot of musicians could learn from today.

Futureshock performs around San Diego all the time. Their next show is going to be March 11 at Galoka near downtown La Jolla at 9:00 pm. They also have albums that they are releasing and that will be available thru email request (

Keep a lookout for "Remember the Future", "Focused", the ep, "Foolish Things", and, in late June, "Forgotten Prophets."

You can also check out Futureshock on the web: or

If you are looking for good local talent and real hip-hop, Futureshock is the right place to look and is very accessible to their fans. There is something wonderfully reassuring about Futureshock and hip-hop; for the artists that remain true to themselves, their beliefs and their art.

If you have any comments on this, feel free to email me at



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