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Street/Urban Wear Expert

The word on the street is... fashion! Our sassy Street Wear Expert Chako is the urban outfitter you need to sport serious threads, G.

Haute Couture Inspired by Hip Hop

Think back to March and imagine . . . PARIS. John Galliano did his Fall 2001 Christian Dior show smack dab in the beginning of Spring and, once again, plunged the fashion world into his quirky, eccentric microcosm. This time, his influences sprouted from hip hoppers, ravers, and even boxing! His pastiche of these elements proved to be a little overboard in my opinion.

Upon viewing a plethora of shots from his Fall 2001 show, I've noticed a trend: It looks as if a penchant for fluorescent graffiti defines the Dior girl for the upcoming season. In a previous article, I wrote about the ridiculous paradox of couture appropriating and exploiting graffiti: its rebellious/illegal nature and history juxtaposed with the Bourgeoisie appeal of high fashion. What I don't understand is why his designs are getting such a thumbs up from high fashion magazines and fashionistas.

Any teenager that knows current street fashion will look at Dior's Fall 2001 show and realize that they have seen people dressed like that walking around and clubbing in their high schools and universities (Though perhaps in a toned down state!). What is high society's fixation with taking "low culture" fashion and turning it into "high culture" fashion? The fact that this is happening only creates a disruption in the progression of underground/street fashion.

Mr Limnander went on to say, ""Boom box" bags, large circular cases, denim saddle totes and metallic lunchboxes will also keep cash registers busy at Dior boutiques worldwide." Don't boom boxes make you think about the Sugarhill Gang, broken fire hydrants and breakdancing on the concrete? Or maybe . . . Paris in Spring.

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