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Street/Urban Wear Expert

The word on the street is... fashion! Our sassy Street Wear Expert Chako is the urban outfitter you need to sport serious threads, G.

Don't Be a Back-to-School Fool!

Everyone should be feeling that nervous anxiousness and giddiness because it is that time of year again! Yes, ladies, pack up your scanty summer clothing pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get ready for another crazy scholastic year! Well, you don't have homework just yet so the pressing dilemma right now is what to wear! Eeek! That's why I'm here--to give you a few ideas so as you don't mix in with the blah crowd.

Just like school girls in the olden days, the little plaid skirt is back! But, listen closely, because I'm mos definitely *not* talking about the tacky little get-up Britney sported in her famous video. That's soooo Last Year. If you hadn't noticed, punk rock is making a big comeback with millennial twists. Plaid skirts are being updated with accessories and a studded muscle tee or chunky sleeveless sweater. If you're not the pleated skirt type girl, try dark denim in a variety of new slim cuts and never forget the still reigning stud designs.

If you are the type of girl that wants to cut past the "Clueless" crap and want to convey that ultra cool streetwise urban warrior princess look, then you have to put together items that don't match perfectly. I'm talking about *almost* matching, or sometimes not matching so much that the thing that makes them work is you! Try bright colored 70's/Charlie's Angels type fitted tees with tweed pants (which are very hip for Fall!). You can also put together textures like a bulky sweater with a colored knee length corduroy skirt. Patterns inspired by Pucci are very hot for fall- they are brightly colored with swirling and flowing geometrical shapes. Try a Pucci inspired blouse with a fitted dark denim mini skirt.

Crazy textures are coming out for bottoms as well. Look for crocodile and ostrich leather (FAUX that is! :) skirts and pants and top them with deep purple or gold tops. Texture is also prominent in the new boots coming out. They have them in everything from denim to gold leather. A good investment that will run you through Fall and Winter is a good pair of psuedo-stiletto knee length or short boots. However, for school you might want to try something no so stiletto but still bearing a thin heel.

I'm wishing all of you luck on your first day of school. Remember..don't just look smart, *be* smart!

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