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Vintage/Thrift Expert

Vintage and Thrift Stores are often a hidden paradise of fashion potential. Our Vintage Fashion Expert Maddie guides our expeditions into the fashion past... and future!

The 50's Are Back in Style!

Let us take a trip back to a time when life was (supposedly) much more simple. Mom stayed home to vacuum in pearls and have meat loaf piping hot on the table when Dad came home. Teens danced to jukebox tunes in the local ice cream parlor and the American cultural landscape was mostly about promoting good clean fun. Such were the times that inspired "Happy Days" and "Grease." The 50's. And although we would never trade the civil rights to return to them we can still revel in them through our wardrobes.

Saddle shoes...
I grieve that these have not quite had the staying power that other 50's relics have. Aren't they just cute! And wouldn't they look adorable with a pair of capris and a baby tee?

Cat's Eye Glasses...
If you have the appropriate face shape to wear them (usually those with longer, oval faces), they are so chic. Try dark monotones or tortoise shell frames for a more serious and sleek look. Colors can give you a fun, funky edge.

Hawaiian Shirts...
This is definitely Cali (definition = California for those who are not fortunate enough to live in here!) style! This is probably more of a summer thing so you may wish to incorporate this into your wardrobe before we lose those lovely rays. See your local Pacific Sunwear or Body Glove.

Letterman Jackets...
This is one item that will certainly run you a pretty penny. But they are definitely worth the cost if you value your place of learning so much since they are durable enough to be passed down to the grandkids. For those in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas Aaardvarks (in San Francisco on Haight Street, and in Los Angeles on Melrose, in Pasadena and Manhattan Beach) might carry some letterman jackets quite inexpensive.

Beatnik Wear...
For the poetic rebel or just the girl who wishes to look classic cool make black your fashion motif. To pull off the this look it is imperative that you dress completely in black. Use simple, basic pieces, and especially make it a point to try a turtleneck.


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