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Vintage/Thrift Expert

Vintage and Thrift Stores are often a hidden paradise of fashion potential. Our Vintage Fashion Expert Maddie guides our expeditions into the fashion past... and future!

Fun Cheap Fashion

For those of you without the financial means to purchase those designer clothes, fear not. You do not have to settle for fashion mediocrity simply because you cannot afford to buy clothes possessing someone else's name on them. I, Maddie, have learned this, and it is I who am here to show you the same. Having grown up in affluent Los Angeles suburb where fashion was almost solely defined by the names on one's apparel, but also being the product of a household where clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper was a hallowed task, I quickly acquired the ability to find my fashion for less. I even received a compliment or two in the process.

One will be surprised as to what treasures can be found for a week's worth of allowance. Many less expensive brands or chain stores often create mimics of what trendy stores and name brands carry and design. The difference between the two can often be as minute as the tag on the inside of the clothing. Sometimes the imitations have an even better appearance than the original. Look for these at places like Mervyn's, Styles for Less, Clothestime, and Payless Shoe Source.

Many independently owned stores can operate in the same way. The popular sundresses, and dragonfly and butterfly merchandise sold at chains like Wet Seal, Rampage, and Contempo are sold in small boutiques for far, far less. However, the one drawback to these smaller boutiques is that they often have a more astringent exchange policy, which usually means less time to do so. Returns are rare. With a close friend at your side to give you a trustworthy opinon, though, shopping at small boutiques can truly give you more bang for your buck.


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