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Vintage/Thrift Expert

Vintage and Thrift Stores are often a hidden paradise of fashion potential. Our Vintage Fashion Expert Maddie guides our expeditions into the fashion past... and future!

Fashion Today!

Indeed, our society is how shall I say? -- "liberated." Fashion today is less and less modest with halter tops, daisy dukes, mini skirts, and spagetti strings. For those of us who are a too self conscious to be comfortable with that style, I would like to say that one does NOT need to be scantily clad to still be fashionable and fine. Remember that revealing clothes are more conservative clothes, just shorter and tighter versions!

For the classic casual look there are always baby tees and jeans with sweaters in various styles. Jeans are cut in numberous ways: boot cut, flare, loose fit, slim... Baby tees are the versatile, coming in all the colors of the rainbow and then some, and bearing all manner of designs and words. Try different fabrics too.

For a more dressy occasion, there are long skirts; if you choose to be a little daring try one with a minimal slit up the side. Pair long skirts with sweaters in smooth fabrics like velvet. Girly girls can try pastels and baby doll dresses in floral prints.

Stick to your basics. Accessorize; an outfit is a comprehensive head-to-toe look. Trust your own judgment and have fun. Above all, DO NOT be intimidated by the girls that have Mariah Carey's taste in clothes.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly Internet community resident expert. :)


Happy Hunting! :)


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