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World Fashion Expert (Australia)

Madelin's here to bring a fashion wake-up call from Down Under. Say g'day, then check out some bonzer fashion from the southern hemisphere.

Wild Fashion, Australian Style!

  Fashion Followers- Welcome to! I'm MADELIN, your tour guide in the "world of fashion." I will be introducing you to an aspect of fashion the rest of this yuppie world often forgets -my very own "Australian Fashion."

Before we start. I can't be with you- so imagine I am. I've got Blue eyes, deep purple hair cut short and I'm wearing... well, you don't need to know everything I suppose.

Don't get me wrong, you all know the "Land Down Under" is floating somewhere below the equator, but no-one ever seems to believe that we Aussies are in the least fashionable. The only time you see us is when we're at our worst; wrestling bad guys with Crocodile Dundee, jumping around on kangaroos or spilling mince down our shirts at the Footie*. Popular to contrary belief, we aren't really like this. Australia is very much civilized, and we all have our own styles.

As an adolescent Australian of either sex, you will always be able to slot into at least one of these categories, taking things from here and there and voila.... Okay were going to start the tour now. I'm right here-don't wander off people! Oh! A Gothic in her native habitat!

GOTHIC- we have our stylish Goths, who wear all black in materials like tulle, velvet and lace. From the dainty with black spaghetti strap dress, Doc Martins and elegant nose ring to the greasy head to toe black duffel coat and 49 piercings in the facial area alone. I s'pose if that what turns you on. we meet...

PUNK- Most people I know are a combination of punk/surfie. The 'real' punks have the wild hair cuts (not quite as wild as the English punks, but..) Baggy clothes brands like SMP, and RUSH. They too like piercing. Into skate shoes-globes, DC's.

Now on your left, if you look just over there you'll see

RETRO-This is interesting. Being very retro myself, I love op-shopping* for wild, far out fluro* colors, psychedelic patterns and just generally unusual stuff out their on the beach!!

Look hard and you can see...

SURFIES- Australia is renowned for it's great surf-Surfies love baggy pants and shorts (when not in a wet-suit) skinny tops for girls, baggy tops for boys, in brands like Billabong, Aztec Rose, and Rusty. Not outstanding color-wise, but very comfortable. They also like joggers and sandals (and the ever-essential Billabong/Badgirl hat).

Ohh Smell that incense...We've found the...

HIPPIES- Hippies would have to be the most elegantly dressed. Tye dyes, cottons, soft hemp, ankle length skirts, and happy pants, they take a lot of ideas from the Indian culture. Adorned with beads, braids, dreads, crystals and skin jewelry they are truly stunning to see. They like sandals (and attaching bells to things) Hippies make a lot of their own great garments, and buy from op shops as well.

Out there on the tar- see. She just scored another goal!

SPORTIE- A sporty person is just that- completely into sports clothing. Decked out in Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Russell Athletics, it's effective but not very individual. The all come in blacks browns, bright yellows and ew, lets move on...And here, A fine specimen of

TRENDY/CLASSIC- They love sleek, slim line, browns, blacks and lots of jewelry. They like dress shoes, and everything that is quality. Ohh! Look there! How sweet! can we keep it Mum?

CUTE- Repulsive as it may sound, I think we've all got a bit of this in us! Fashion for sweet people is the most gorgeous and innovative- pinks, platforms and feathers. It's all that is plastic jewelry, chunky hair ornaments, and body glitter. The right combination can be (fatal) or beautifully suiting to you. It's all in how you do it.


*Footie: Short for football or 'playing on the Grid Iron' as you say. Big beefy men running around in nice tight shorts. A favorite weekend pastime for us Aussies: 'Going to the Footie'.

*Op-Shop: Short for 'Opportunity' shop. It's where you buy 2nd hand clothes. It's run by little old ladies usually. You get places like 'The Salvation Army' that use the proceeds to help fund the poor, that are really cheap so less fortunate people can afford them. You'd be surprised, but you can find bargains there- Fashion always 'revives' itself, so you get pretty cool things from the 60's and stuff. There are other types of Op Shops that are expensive (for 2nd hand clothes anyway) that cater just to the really alternative type that dress in 60's stuff, and velvet skirts etc.

*Op-Shopping: Going to an Op-shop, or doing a circuit of all the op shops to find really outrageous stuff.

*Fluro Colors: The colors of those really bright "highlighter colors". Neon I think you might call them. Your main 'fluro' colors are pink, yellow, green and orange.

Here in Australia it is the end of winter and the trends for spring fashions are approaching- This year it's all 'bout the drape of the fabric- really sensual and smooth silk, satin, and chiffon, with tiny glass beads. The colors are ivory, and pastels, and crisp, fresh not-quite-nudes.

It's all about elegance and simplicity with simple accessories to set off the outfit so doesn't overdo it!

Also this spring/summer, thongs (the traditional Indian leather type) are in. Polish is coordinated with fresh, light make-up, and glitter and sparkles for special occasions! A chic, simple bag is really a stylish must. Choose something to go with several outfits, so when you go out you've got something cute to put your purse in.

Headscarves are also in. Keep your scalp away from the harsh summer sun! Floral designs and pretty prints are very cute and can be bought cheaply from department stores or second hand shops, or if your that way inclined get to the craft shop, pick your material and then just sew that gorgeous pattern and voila!

So quite simply, this season is very "little girl." Very plain, cute, and innocent with all the things that we love- the fabrics that feel great, the freedom of any styles and no confining limits- simple things that any figured girl can enjoy!

Joke and Quote of the week:

Joke of the week? Yeah, I wish. I read in the paper today someone has discovered a marine ingredient in brown algae that supposedly helps to 'flush away' fatty tissue, and leave a slimmer more gorgeous you. Yeah right. At a startling $62 a tube, maybe we should just go and buy clothes that flatter a figure that's uniquely ours, instead of adjusting to become what we're not.

QUOTE: "There are 3 billion women in the world who don't look like supermodels, and 8 who do."

I read this in the Body Shop once, and think it is one of the smartest things anyone has said about bone thin women being out on a pedestal - to visit their campaign promoting healthy self-image and women with curves click here.

And that concludes our Aussie fashion tour!

Well, I've probably left you all baffled. Comparing your self to see where you fit, most of us wouldn't totally fit anywhere in this crazy AUSTRALIAN fashion guide and in any which way, that's fine. No one keeps their style completely rigid (not normal people anyway.) Even the Bikies you saw parked outside the pub last night wear pink satin pajamas to bed. (But it didn't come from me, guys) Or the Stylish good looking, popular girl at school who goes op-shopping for pink velvet skirt to wear to her aunts wedding. We all play "Fashion chameleon" at one time or another, and that's what makes us so different to one another. Aussie fashion or world fashion, there's so much to enjoy, so get out there and see it!


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