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  Welcome to the official Style Quiz. If you have any questions about dressing for your personal style, this quiz can help you!

What's store are you most likely to shop in?

Banana Republic
Resale shops or Goodwill
Abercrombie and Fitch
Urban Outfitters

What kind of perfume are you most likely to wear?

Chanel #5
Tommy Girl

What type of jewelry expresses your style the best?

Antique Costume Jewelry
Waterproof watch
Beaded bracelets and large hoop earrings
Studded black suede belt

What type of shoes expresses your personality the best?

Slingback pumps
Athletic Shoes
Stiletto heeled boots
Doc Martins

Which celebrity style do you most identify with?

Gwyneth Paltrow
Liv Tyler
Gabrielle Reece
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Christina Aguilera

How do you usually wear your hair?

In a headband or barrettes, not too much fuss
Pulled back in a bun or chignon with an elegant clip
Sleek and straight or naturally curly and wild
Throw a bandana on

How do you usually do your makeup?

a little powder, lip gloss and natural eye makeup
dramatic eyes or lips but very little on the rest of my face.
I don't waste my time with makeup!
I go all out! I love fun colors and new styles!
Who needs makeup? My funky individuality is all I need!

What do you wear for a fun Friday night?

Khakis and a sweater set
Bell bottoms and a peasant shirt
Running pants and a cute tank
Leather pants and a black sequined shirt
Baggy jeans and a baby tee

Which stylish male celebrity would be your ideal man?

Matt Damon
Leonardo DeCaprio
Freddy Prinze Jr.
Justin Timberlake

Where would he take you for your ideal date?

Nice dinner and a movie
A Quaint coffee shop for good conversation
A professional sporting event
The hottest new dance club
A rave

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