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Sporty Expert

The Sporty Look goes way beyond basketball jerseys and sweat pants... so let our Sporty Fashion Expert Megan expand your playing field.

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

  Hello Everybody!

Guess's summer time!!! That's right break out the shorts and tanks, it's time to get sporty!!

Megs Steps To Sportiness:

  • Ok step one, put all sweaters and heavy pants to the end of the closet!

  • Step two, examine the clothes you have left and decide if its time to go shopping!

That's it! Now whether or not you decide to go shopping for summer, I'm sure you can pull off a great look. The key to a sporty summer, is simple, not overdone.

As I've mentioned before, Orange is a HUGE sporty color and everywhere I look I see orange tanks or orange cap sleeves. Orange looks great pared with navy or grey. Also, the pinks keep getting brighter and brighter. Pink is a huge color this summer! It's sort of like the whole crimping iron trend, we like to repeat history, even if its the eighties!

I know most of you girls like to play a little bit during the summer, and you're in luck because most of this summer's clothes are relaxable (if that's even a word). I would suggest some capri's. They're still totally trendy and just keep coming out with cuter styles. The style I am partial to is the frayed jean cut-off capri, or the capris with about 2 inches of brightly colored material at the bottom. These are especially great cause if you get the top to match, you look just fab!!

Another trend that I've mentioned before that seems to be picking up speed again is bandannas. They're great for bad hair days, or going to the beach, they are just so cute!!

Now, for you more risky girls, we have the cowboy hat and the backless shirt. Both have gained popularity quickly. The cowboy hat adds a little flare to any outfit, especially if you get a good color. And the blackless shirt is a HUGE attention getter!!!

Well, that's all I have for you for now! My next article is coming soon and it will be about swimming suits, aren't you excited!!! Good luck getting ready for summer!!!!

Love ya!


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