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Travel Expert

Where to go and what to wear!?!...Read on for help!

So, you like to travel...

Let's assume that you actually do want to broaden your horizons, I'll bet you want to look fabulous in the process! So, here in the United States, we're currently experiencing the winter season (as well as winter weather!), but you want to check out this really cool college in the next state this weekend. Just try to remember that the weather will be pretty similar to what you are living in now, but a few degress make all the difference in the world. This is a road trip, whether it's with your parents or friends, it's a road trip. You don't have a lot of space for trunks of clothes, and you'll only be away for three days at the most. While you are visiting this college, you'll be meeting faculty members and students; taking tests and experiencing nightlife; touring the campus and the town. In these few days, you want to give off an aura of maturity, amiability, just don't want to look like a high school student, tourist, or someone that "tried too hard."

Now you must decide, WHAT TO WEAR??? Remembering that you are still in the dead of winter, and so is your neighboring state, you begin to pack. You'll pack light, pack for every occasion, and we'll pack in preparation for the unexpected. But, since you're only planning to be away for about three days, it would be gross to wear the same article of clothing in such a short time span. Let's just cut to the chase. Here's what you need to take for your weekend at a prospective college (as well as the trip to and fro):

*Wear something comfortable for the actual trip.

Meeting administrators and faculty: dark pants, cardigan twinset, small purse, nice shoes

Meeting students: dark pants-boot cut, sweater, nice shoes & jean skirt-not too short, tank, hoodie, comfy shoes

Night on the town: dark pants or jeans, tank or halter, cardigan, use common sense when deciding which shoes to wear...

Day on the town: long skirt or jeans, 3/4 sleeve shirt, hoodie, comfy shoes

This is just a basic outline, you can't go wrong with this fashion menu. You won't look like you even had to think twice about what to wear, you'll look great! This doesn't have to aplpy to college, it can go for almost any semi-business related trip. You won't be taking anymore than the equivilant of two bags of stuff, and it'll look like you traveled with your entire closet. Ladies, I'm confident that you realize the paramountcy of accessorizing-so I won't mention it. Wear basic make up, take the minimal amount of hair equipment, and make sure your nails are pretty.

Most of all, good luck with your futures, girls. Study for your SATs, apply to college early, don't wait until the last minute and I'd love to hear about any of your travel experiences, to college, to France, or to the moon!

Until next time Chica Travelers....

Amor Y Paz,


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