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Plus-Size Expert

Our Plus-Size Fashion Expert Felicity knows that size doesn't matter... fashion is for everybody! So put down that celery stick and get fashionable!

Sizzling Summer Style!

Summer is definitely on it's way and that means that it's time to show some skin! Wait! Don't go running for the nearest cover-up. It's time to embrace your curves with some of summer's hottest looks. If you're thinking that there's no way you can find the cute stuff in your size, think again! Gone are the days of wearing Muumuus to cover up your curvaceous figure. There are no more caftans and giant shirts on the beaches and near the pools. Trendy full-figured fashion is now as close as your nearest mall, mailbox or online store. There is a lot to talk about when dealing with summer fashions, so this is a little taste of some of my up coming columns for the summer.

This summer style is becoming synonymous with femininity. Gentle colors and patterns mixed with ultra-girly styles make for a wonderful way to keep cool and bring out your soft side. Skirts and dresses come in a wide variety of lengths and cuts this season, ranging from an above the knee asymmetrical hemline to a floor-skimming a-line skirt. Some of my favorite things in my closet have either a handkerchief hem (one that points to a "V") or an asymmetrical line (one that slants to either side). Again, variety is key, as the fabric can be light, floral and breezy or a solid and bright.

Color plays a big part this summer. Gone are the days of the gray and black working as the base of all outfits and mix-and-match varying degrees of brightness is here! If you don't feel totally comfortable with wearing a lot of brightly colored clothes, why not opt for different degrees and shades of the same color?

A brighter turquoise works wonderfully with navy, so if you are bottom-heavy, find a cute navy knee-length skirt (maybe one with a little ruffle that is so cute this season) and a v-neck or scoop neck top in turquoise. If you are more top-heavy, reverse the colors and wear the darker color on the top. Pair this wonderful outfit with, not black but, a blue-toned slide sandal.

Playing with color can be a wonderful way to play up those features that you love and at the same time, play down those that you're not so crazy about. Use the lighter/brighter colors to draw the eye to the features you want to accentuate.

If you dress in monochrome, all one color, you create an incredible, all over slimming effect. This is the season to use colors to your advantage!

What discussion of summer style would be complete without mentioning the most dreaded of all -- bathing suits! Wonderful catalogs and online stores have made this once traumatizing experience into something a bit more pleasant. Thankfully the tankini (a two-piece with a tank-style top) is back again, which gives us hip-ier girls some more options for bathing suits. Cover-ups are becoming less coverage as well. Pareos and sarongs are ultra-hot and trendy. As an added plus, they allow for a beach-to-the-streets versatility as they can work as a skirt too. Slip on a pair of sandals and a cute top and you're off!

Curves are nothing to hide and summer is the season to flaunt what we have! Check back soon for the full columns on bathing suits, dressing with color and the newest trends for the summer and where to find them!

Because all of our personality doesn't fit into a size 6,


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