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Plus-Size Expert

Our Plus-Size Fashion Expert Felicity knows that size doesn't matter... fashion is for everybody! So put down that celery stick and get fashionable!

Claustrophobic Closet Clean-ups

Claustrophobic Closet Clean-ups

Spring has sprung and Summer is on its way by me in the northeast and definitely the rest of the country. Warm weather is everywhere and school is just about over but are you ready? More importantly, is your closet and wardrobe ready? Let's take a peek into my closet and find out how well I'm ready to beat the heat.

This summer I'm concentrating on dresses. A simple summer dress can take you from the beach to the boardwalk to a nice restaurant and back to hanging out with your friends. Since my job puts me in the office, they're also a great way to be able to go out after work without having to go home and change first. I also like to throw a great cardigan over them to take care of the extra chill at night. They're also wonderful for those groovy gals who don't want to show off their arms. If you fall into this category, don't be afraid to go for a sleeveless dress because there are tons of ways to cover up those arms.

Another great feature to this summer's dresses is that any length goes! If you're cool with your fab arms but want to shy away from showing some leg, you can opt for a longer length dress and still be in style! Look for styles with a slit up the side (or better yet, both sides) to allow for maximum ventilation. No one wants to feel like they're sweating in a sauna!

Good news for those of us on a budget: cropped pants are still groovin' from last summer. In fact, many of last summer's styles are still around. Want a quick way to update a pair of denim capris? Bust out your Bedazzler! Adding some rhinestones and/or sparkle will revive any old denim item. Not feeling so daring? Try adding the design to one or both of the back pockets before committing to the whole item. The concert-look is definitely rockin' this summer and it is generally inexpensive to achieve with what you already have.

Regardless of what saucy style you decide to adopt this summer, be sure to make it your own. No one wants to walk through the mall or the beach with their best buds looking like the Olsen twins!

Stay cool and chic,


*****Attention all readers: I want to know about your style and wardrobe for a change. This month, I want to know about your all time favorite pair of jeans. Every girl has 'em and every girl wants more! If you'd like to participate in my survey, please email me with your name and state, brand and size of your fav' pants and why you love them so much at: ***** Felicity

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