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Plus-Size Expert

Our Plus-Size Fashion Expert Felicity knows that size doesn't matter... fashion is for everybody! So put down that celery stick and get fashionable!

Trendy Dressing for the Cooler Weather

As school bells ring and the cold weather is starting to blow its winds, we can't help but realize it's autumn. One of my favorite reasons for choosing fall as my favorite season (aside from the fact that my birthday happens to conveniently land here) is that we are allowed so much versatility when it comes to fashion. There are many days when it's too cool to go without a jacket, but too warm to bundle up. What's my solution for these tricky days????


Pair up your outfits with the differing temperatures in mind. Couple up a long camel-colored skirt and a black short sleeved T-shirt, then top this fab outfit with a cropped denim jacket! Not only will you look totally pulled together and stylish, you're able to take off the jacket if you get too hot! Cardigans and other lightweight tops are especially great for this. Long-sleeved tops can also be worn tied around your waist or around your shoulders if you decide to take them off.

Take a cue from the foliage when looking for this fall's newest color combinations. Camel (and it's darker cousin, caramel), red and black look fantastic together. Also look for a lot of denim to make a bold, yet casual statement.

Most of all, make sure you're comfortable and can move in anything you're wearing!! Fall is a wonderful season to play all kinds of sports and just spend time outside enjoying the weather. So get out there girls and make sure that you're doing so in style!

Until next time,

I love to hear from readers so please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and concerns at Maybe you'll see your name in a future Felicity column!!

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