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Plus-Size Expert

Our Plus-Size Fashion Expert Felicity knows that size doesn't matter... fashion is for everybody! So put down that celery stick and get fashionable!

Big, Beautiful Bathing Beauties

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, schoolbooks are thrown in a corner and it seems as though everyone is heading outdoors. Summer is in full swing, which means pool parties, vacations to the beach and spending lazy days by the lake. These all require the one item of clothing that virtually every girl hates to shop for: bathing suits!

Lucky for all of us the days of suit options are here and the days of wearing a matronly one-piece are long gone. Designers have given us voluptuous girls some wonderful choices for this summer. Now our only problem is to decide which to choose!!

Most people are familiar with more traditional bathing suit choices, but new to the scene last summer was the tankini. This wonderful invention allows us to have the coverage of a one-piece with the convenience of a 2-piece suit. It consists of a tank-style top paired with a bathing suit bottom. Both pieces have several different alternatives. The tank can provide slightly more coverage than a conventional bikini top or go all the way to the top of the bottom piece. The lower piece can also greatly vary in coverage from a traditional bikini bottom to a pair of shorts made of lycra material.

Of course, the old stand-bys are still around. For the more daring girls out there, I have seen some really cute two-piece styles with excellent coverage. I also couldn't help but notice that even the one-pieces out there are beginning to stray from the old, matronly styles. It seems that there are no more skirts or uni-boob creations to contend with.

Where can a fashionable female grab such wonderful finds? More places than you may expect! Believe it or not, most of the major department stores now carry cute bathing suits in plus sizes. I've found some of my favs in Bloomindales and Macy's. Head over to your local department store to see what you can find! Also, don't count out the discount department stores like Wal-mart and Target. Also, look online at California catalog company, Girlfriends LA ( for some awesome suits (and tons of other goodies as well).

Most of all, don't give up because you didn't find your dream bathing suit in the first store you looked in! It's not an easy (nor fun) task, and it's a bit more difficult since not all designers have recognized the supreme need for larger sizes. Don't give up girls! Grab a bunch and head into the dressing room. Just don't forget to smile while you're trying everything on, because attitude is 75% of any girl's wardrobe!

Additionally, plus size swimdresses are an option for the days you want to hang out around the water, but not get in.


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