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World Fashion Expert (Australia)

Madelin's here to bring a fashion wake-up call from Down Under. Say g'day, then check out some bonzer fashion from the southern hemisphere.

Sizzling Summer Swimmers

  Where ever you are in the world summers coming up (or already here), and that usually means a few things, two of my favourites being Swimming, and (for the musically inclined) Summer Festivals. I know summer's my favourite season, so if your a summer-luvin' chick, sit down and prepare for a feast of summer fashion talk!

2000's Hot Swimmer-Fashions

Bright Colours, bold patterns and Indian inspirations are all carried into the pool, with crocheted triangle bikini's making a rather influential comeback (yeh!) and shiny, delicate, and down-right odd materials reigning. Styles vary, but patterns are concrete: Hawaiian is almost dead, and making way for plain colours in bright tones, earthy zigzags and traditional pradesh icons in silver and gold.

But what if your not sure what to try, or try to hide? Make it a rule to try accentuate the good points of your body whilst paying less attention to the bad. If your seriously self-conscious about an aspect of yourself try some of these figure fixing styles!

Without a waist:
A one piece with vertical stripes that bow out from the sides, or tube tops and bikini bottoms all create the illusion of being curvy.

Big Bust:
Square or high necklines are very useful, or thicker shoulder straps.

Big Butt:
Boy leg swimmers, either bikini or 2 pieces have a great butt-minimising effect.

Flat Chest:
V-neck swimmers, with underwire or padding help fill your chest out.

Short legs:
To give yourself height, try a strapless one piece, or a high cut high waist bikini.

Small (petite):
Chunky patterns, tie-up bikini bottoms, and hipster styles.

So now we've got that sorted, you can get out into the sun and swim!


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