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Pretty Feet

If you haven't noticed, this summer is definitely all about baring your smooth legs in funky, colorful flip-flops and cute and trendy capris. So, hurry up and don't fall behind. Grab your favorite polish and paint those toes!

If you're going to show of your feet in summer flops, then you're going to need to give your feet and toes some serious attention! So, below is an easy to follow step guide to help you along the road to having pretty feet!

1. Start off by soaking your hard working feet in a revitalizing foot bath. Everyone understands the pressure that sports and walking up school stairs puts on out feet;o) This should help soften the calisus or dead skin on the bottom of your tootsies. You can also, if you'd like, add a few drops of some of your fave oil to your bowl of warm water. You should soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Next, use a foot brush to work on the areas of hard skin. You should move the foot brush along in a circular motion. Then, grab your fingernail and toenail brush and scrub away any grime or dirt you may have piled up underneath those nails!

3. In order to keep your toenails nice and neat, you should cut your nails in a rounded shape to prevent in-grown toenails. You should also file them in the same way you cut them. Do this to keep from having snaggy nails.

4. Just as a little treat, you should grab a cooling foot cream and give your tootsies a massage! We all know feet can get smelly, and hot. So be kind, and give your feet a rub!

Now we finally get to the fun part. Go grab your nailpolish ladies and get ready to dazzle your toes!

  • RAINBOW BRIGHT- Snag 5 or even 10 colors of your fave nailpolish and paint each toe a different color. You can get funky or's up to you!

  • FLOWER GIRL- I recomend that you use the distinct colors for this design. Yellow, light blue, and lavender. First, start with a coat of lavender covering your entire toenail. After letting it dry, add a small dot of yellow in the center of your nail. Then add the finishing touches with dots of blue around the yellow dot in a circle..making a fab flower!

  • TWINKLE, TWINKLE- Start with a layer of shimmery nailpolish..such as a pink, blue, green, or purple. Just before it dries sprinkle some glitter on top of your nails. Lastly, paint on a finishing layer of clear nailpolish. This will ensure that the glitter stays stuck to your nails.


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