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Fashion & Beauty: Important things to know

  People always seem to generalize fashion and beauty as the same word. No, fashion and beauty may be elements in our culture of acceptance ...but they are commonly two different things that often support the meaning of one another.

Fashion is defined to us as the current style or custom, as in dress or behavior; the mode for the present. Beauty is defined to us as a pleasing quality associated with harmony of form or color, excellence or craftsmanship, truthfulness, and originality. The simple idea is that fashion is a current style and beauty is originaltiy. Some of us forget those two simple statements.

Without realizing your own beauty and being truthful to yourself about YOU, you can't possibly obtain the stature of "fashionable." Fashion should not be what everyone else makes it, but what you make it. That is how understanding your beauty ties in with the exact idea of the fashion world. Fashion changes all the time, and why? Because you find a new hidden "loveliness" in what you're wearing or even how you're acting.

So, in conclusion, be happy with who you are and you'll find yourself "fashionable" in every way possible. Beauty is only skin deep, and it's what you make of it. No one else decides what you wear or even decides how you feel about what you're wearing.So, even though I am the "Latest Trends Expert," and I will continue to give you tips on the lastest fads in fashion, remember true beauty and fashion is an indivdual as every individual out there. Make your own fashion trend!

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