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Latest Trends Expert
What's new? What's hip? Our expert has done the legwork for you... so read on!

All Around the World

  Hey Fashion Junkies! My name is Amanda, and I am the Latest Trends Resident Expert for Besides a love for searching out the modern trends, I also like to play lacrosse and shop. I love any type of fashion from worldwide to local styles. So, I can relate to you already, right? Well, I also know that searching for what's in isn't always easy, but have no fear because I'm here to tell ya!

  I recently took an eye opening 16 day trip through various countries in Europe. I looked and high and low, and I managed to scope out the latest trends in Italy, France, Switzerland, and England. Here is a simple breakdown:

Italy: Fashion has always been important to the Italian culture. You will find designer shops everywhere, from Versace to Armani. But, the only way to afford such if you're an Italian man at the age of 30 who drives a flashy car, has a good job, if you own a cell phone, and still live with your dear old mother. The lovely ladies of Rome, Italy love to sport their capris with anything from tube tops to tank tops, along with a black slip or chunky dress sandals. The hair stays natural or pulled back. And accessories stay simple.

France: The Gap is big in France. Anything from your cargo pants to your Hawaiian shirts would fit right in inside the beautiful city of Paris. Small skirts and short dresses with floral prints also fit into the French closet of style. Once again the black slip or chunky dress sandal is popular. Hair ranges from cute layered looks to sleek styles. Accessories stay cute and dainty.

Switzerland: Being so close to Italy. Swiss babes sport the same style as the Italian beauties. But, the tops are warmer, seeing as it's a bit colder in the mountains of Switzerland. Our Swiss missies also like their shoes to be tall and funky or chunky and sleek. The shoe is everything in Switzerland. They also like to show off (what I like to call them) their "confused pants." The pants range from any material and style, but there is also a skirt added or attached to them! Hair stays styled. Accessories again, stay simple but trendy. If you own a cute Swatch Watch, you're set to go!

England: Fashion capital of the world. What can I say? I loved London. Not just for it's trendy style. But, you could find just about anything you wanted. From Indian artsy styles to alternative styles. There are so many expressed styles in London it's hard to attach just one style. Doc Marten's are in, and have always been in since the turn of the fashion revolution it seems. Cargo pants, tube tops, funky shirts, and chunky shoes all play a role in the fashion world that lies in England. Piercings and body art are really popular fads too. Basically, the more eccentric you are, the better you'll fit in. Hair comes in all colors and cuts. Accessories touch all branches too. But, Indian body art and jewelry are the most popular.

Now that you've become cultured on the styles around the world, I'll let you tell me what is popular in your hometown. So, write Amanda...ME!... and let me know what's booming in your town and at your school, and maybe some of the styles flashed in other countries are popular where you are too. Now, isn't it a small world after all?

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