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What's new? What's hip? Our expert has done the legwork for you... so read on!

Are You Feeling Vestful?
It's hard to ignore those catchy advertisements by Old Navy.

  You can't resist, you must have a vest! Vests are a hot fashion item this fall. Many come in fitted, zip-up, boxy or pullover styles. Colors span the rainbow, and many vests have features such as drawstrings, velcro closures and hoods, or bungee cord details. Bubble vests, Raid vests, fleece or denim take your pick! Try these sites Old Navy and The Gap.

When choosing your vest-

1. Remember that if you choose a brighter color, it's harder to wear that more than once a week without someone noticing. Darker colors are more versatile.
2. The fleece vest is preppy and snuggly fit.
3. Denim vests have pockets and compartments.

Also check out this question a viewer submitted for Amanda:

Dear Amanda,

I know that wearing a skirt over pants is big in England, but has it really come to the U.S. yet? I've seen a few skirt/pants sets, but I don't know if it's the thing to wear yet. I'm afraid that if I start wearing them like that, people won't be used to it quite yet. Help!


Amanda's Response:

Hey Sarah!!

The "confused pants" look I noticed, is very slowly creeping itself onto the clothes racks in the US.

Personally, I think it's a cute look. It's different, but fun. But don't be afraid to wear them hun, if you like them...go for it! Don't wait and let someone snag your style. When I wore my own pair to school....everyone loved them and thought they were cute. I even know a few girl friends who went and bought their own pair after seeing mine. Don't be afraid to be afraid because you're not!


A White Winter

You mother has always told you never to wear white after Labor Day. Well, break the rules this fall because white is in! But it is more acceptable to wear a cream or ivory white rather than a true white:0)

To bead or not to bead..that is the question?

Finally a bracelet that can brighten your day. Power bead bracelets, such to impart such gifts as health, courage and fortune, are selling out everywhere. From New York vendors to department stores.

Empowerment and feng shui bead bracelets are among the most popular. Empowerment varies with the type of bead. For example a black onyx bracelet promises to boost willpower. Rose quartz is the bead of love, and amethyst brings serenity. They range in price from $5-$20....but don't pay more than $10 ladies! Buy them from a vendor in New York or DC. Or buy them in an accesory store such as Claires

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